“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” ­ Ephesians 5:11

Look Around…



We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to abortion and its aftermath, pictures often leave the viewer speechless. These images are shocking in their violence and brutality, yet they present the actual reality of just what abortion really is and help us to be more fully informed about the issue.

*WARNING: The links below are to images intended for mature audiences. Parents and adults, please use discretion with regards to young viewers.*
Abortion Pictures 1

Abortion Pictures 2

Of course, it’s impossible to speak with the youngest victims, but abortion affects so many. Below are links to some testimonies from both women and men who have gone through an abortion.

Abortion Testimonies 1
Abortion Testimonies 2

Step Forward…

You might be someone who has experienced abortion in some way and would now like to get some help and support, or perhaps you are someone who has been considering abortion as an alternative for you. We have people in place with whom you can talk and receive wise, loving, tender, truthful, biblical counsel. There are also small groups prepared to help both men and women process the experiences of their past and the struggles of their present. If you would like to speak to someone or possibly find a small group, contact Deric Thomas at dthomas@cfgadsden.org.

Below are articles by Dr. David Platt, Dr. Albert Mohler and Daniel Akin about young children who die. These can be a great resources for those who have experienced the death of a child whether through abortion or another means.

“The Incarnation and Children’s Hospital” by David Platt

The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven? by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. and Daniel L. Akin

Speak Up…

As we are confronted with the tragic reality of millions of abortions worldwide, we drop to our knees and pray for God’s mercy and grace. Pray that right now women across the world would choose life for their precious baby rather than death. Pray that the eyes of abortion doctors would be opened to the value and sanctity of every human life. Pray that we would be a church and a country who values life no matter how small, old or even functional. Pray that those in our church family who have either had an abortion or supported an abortion would run to Christ and find overwhelming forgiveness and mercy that is available in the glorious cross.

We cannot expect change in the laws of our land unless we the people let it be known that we desire and demand the change. This may look different in each of our lives, but we can all use our democratic privileges of free speech and representation and demonstration to press for legal protection for the unborn. Below is a link to assist you in contacting your congressman to express to them your feelings about and stance on abortion.

Write your congressman.

Reach Out…

Every pro­life organization you come across will ask for financial donations to assist their work. It can be difficult to discern to whom you should give your money and who will be good stewards of what you give.

You can also use Charity Navigator to help you become more informed about the financial responsibility of any non- profit or charity.

Below are links to some ministries who work with unwed and under­age mothers who enlist the assistance of volunteers.

One very healthy thing you can do for others and yourself is to reach out to women in crisis pregnancies. You can visit Choose Life Alabama to see a list of pregnancy centers throughout Alabama.

Explore creatively how you can do this. Below are links to some sites to help you begin.

Show a watching culture that sees children as an unwanted liability that every child is wanted and loved. If God wants us to care about the orphan, whose life is endangered because his parents are dead, He clearly wants all the more that we care about the child whose life is endangered because his parents want to make him dead. You can get information about foster care and adoption by visiting: