Baptism is a public testimony of what Christ has done in your life as a Christ-follower.  It is a symbolic picture of death, burial and resurrection— and new life!  When you are baptized, you are obeying Christ’s command in the Bible for all believers, and you are telling the world that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life.  No matter what your age or background, baptism is a natural and important step in your journey as a Christ-follower.

At Christ Fellowship we believe that biblical baptism is symbolic— it doesn’t “save” you— but also that it’s very important in the life of every believer. It’s a symbol of both your commitment to Christ and to His church.  We require that those desiring membership at Christ Fellowship be baptized— either previously at the time of your commitment to Christ, or when you desire membership at Christ Fellowship.

Because baptism is a public display, our baptism practice also requires each candidate to write out their testimony, which will be read in the Worship Gathering immediately before their baptism.  Not only is this an opportunity to share the gospel, but also their personal story. Please click on the “preparing for baptism” link below for assistance in writing your testimony.


We suggest two great resources as you pray about and prepare for baptism, both available online.

What we believe about Baptism. You can find the baptism section in our Statement of Faith.

Preparing for your Baptism” is a downloadable PDF guide to your baptism, including some questions and a simple preparation testimony you can write out for yourself or with your children. We highly recommend completing this document before you meet with an elder.